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SOFT SKILLS 2023/2024
Italian language courses

First semester: Elementary level - A2 (40 hours)

Second semester: Base level - A1 (40 hours)


  • Polo Didattico San Francesco (Piazza San Francesco, 7/8)
  • Palazzo San Niccolò (Via Roma, 56)
  • Polo Didattico Le Scotte (Strada delle Scotte, 4)
  • Polo Didattico San Miniato (Via Aldo Moro, 2)    



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"Costruirsi un Futuro in Chimica"

The training course is open to chemistry students. It has been promoted by Federchimica and ConChimica, National Conference of chemistry degree courses, and it is aimed to know the real world of chemical industry, its values and career opportunities

The seminar will take place online on next February the 15th and 16th in the afternoon

A certificate will be issued at the end of the course for every student that has attended



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